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Letter to the Editor: Villanueva has proven invaluable to the district

by Walt Ranta

Published in the Yakima Herald-Republic on October 7, 2021

To the editor -- I wholeheartedly endorse Graciela Villanueva for re-election to the Yakima School Board of Directors.

Graciela is a product of public schools here in the valley and understands the needs of our students. Her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration allow her to have a unique perspective on the workings of the school district. And her current position as HR officer for The Yakima Valley Farm Worker’s Clinic also gives her insight into that facet of the school district's operations.

I had the honor, and pleasure, of working with Graciela when I served on the Yakima School Board. She was always prepared for discussions, had questions to help clarify, and always worked to benefit the students. During her tenure, she has been a part of the following changes within the district: The district has increased graduation rates over the last 10 years, saved taxpayers $5-6 million through refinancing bonds approved by them, lowered dropout rates and provided more services for students who may need extra support.

Her board experience is very important for the continued improvement of our students. Returning Graciela Villanueva to the Yakima School Board of Directors will help our students continue to improve.



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